Institute of Languages

The Institute of Languages aims to promote critical thinking, humanistic values, connectivity amongst cultures, and linguistic competence, through its various programs in the domain of literature and language. The Institute comprises the following Departments: (1) Department of Hindi (2) Department of English (3) Department of Sanskrit (4) Department of Urdu. The Institute nurtures an international, multilingual, and interdisciplinary approach towards academics. The academic syllabus is so designed to prepare students to develop and upgrade their language & communicative competence, gain training in critical inquiry & debate, and develop their literary sensibility. The researchers are encouraged to take up cutting-edge researches in socially relevant, interdisciplinary areas of research and in new fields of inquiry. Another important objective of the Institute is to provide modular language skills and training to students enrolled in different programs. The faulty is committed to developing professional standards of communication in students across various disciplines.


  • To cater and accomplish functional proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing as per academic requirements of literature and communication curriculum.
  • To recognize culture-specific perspectives and values embedded in language for a methodological and pedagogical base for foreign language teaching adapted to Indian conditions.
  • To Decode, analyze, and interpret authentic texts of different genres that Aims at material production for regular teaching and innovative teaching techniques adapted to Indian conditions.
  • To produce a common theoretical component in Indian language towards organized coherent discourse in oral and written modes.
  • Our Institute of Indian Languages will focus on research of Languages and it's original.
  • To have a collective effect through deliberating among the experts from various disciplines on the issues of language and language policy.
  • The Institute is committed with the responsibility of serving as a nucleus to bring together all the research and literary output from the various linguistically different streams to a common platform and narrow the gap between the basic research and developmental research in the field of languages and linguistics in India.
  • We believe that Language education plays a facilitative role in mental development and knowledge production.


Contact Person : Dr. Anju Singh, Professor & Dean: 9829059790