Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering has been established with the aim to cater to the latest requirements for technical manpower in infrastructural sectors. Industrial sectors in which mechanical engineers have traditionally made substantial contributions include aerospace, automotive, chemical, computer and electronics, construction, consumer products, energy, engineering consulting, etc. The department offers 4 years of undergraduate B. Tech., 3 years diploma, 2 years M. Tech. and a Ph. D. program. Excellent facilities in terms of infrastructure, types of equipment, and staff are to prepare students as professional engineers, with focusing on innovation, analysis, and development of technologies. The academic activities are supported with a well-stocked library and laboratory so that students can learn the theory of mechanical engineering in-depth and also putting it into practice. The department commits to enabling students to acquire the skills and the knowledge to be able to build machines that define tomorrow.


•    The Mechanical Engineering Program is designed to prepare students for successful careers having positive societal impact in industry and also educational institute. 
•    To apply their engineering knowledge, critical thinking/creativity, and problem-solving skills with integrity and inclusivity. 
•    To create technical manpower through flexible, modular, multi-point entry programmes in mechanical engineering.
•    To offer quality education and training in the thrust areas.
•    To promote entrepreneurial skills for self-employment.
•    To promote industry-institute linkage.

To be imparting world class education in the field of Mechanical Engineering and conduct extensive and quality research and to drive innovations for the betterment of society.

•    To offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in Mechanical Engineering.
•    To advance and spread knowledge in the area of science and technology leading to creation of wealth and welfare of humanity.
•    To train young minds and to equip them with the best possible technical knowledge to meet the current and future demands of the industry, academic & research.
•    To create infrastructure, motivation and culture for the state of the art in the area of Mechanical Engineering.
•    To implement best practices in teaching-learning methodologies for establishing dynamic knowledge-connected society.
•    To provide a platform for industry institute interaction.

S No Name Designation Qualification Specialization Year of Experience Contact No Email Photo
1 Dr.Ankitendran Mishra Assistant Professor PhD, IIT, BHU Tribology, Hot Corrosion, Statistical Modelling 2.5 years 9582954819
2 Dr.Nitish Kumar Gautam Assistant Professor - II PhD, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad   Fluid Machines and Thermal Engineering - 9798526538 & 9471716555 
3 Dr.Deepak Kumar Gope Assistant Professor - II PhD, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Manufacturing processes     1 Year 9798557239
4 Dr.Ravi Shankar Sinha Assistant Professor - II PhD, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Reliability Engineering, Operation Research, Thermal Engineering and IC     4 years 9576791083
5 Mr.Manoj Assistant Professor M.Tech, PhD (Persuing) Renewable Energy Technology (Mechanical) 2 years 9875030987
6 Mr.Sunil Kumar Kulhari Assistant Professor M.Tech (Persuing) Renewable Energy Technology  2 years 9875030987
7 Dr. A. Muthuraja Assistant Professor-1 PhD, IIT Guwahati Manufacturing - Materials, Characterization, Tribology 6 years     9678335991
8 Dr. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor PhD  Internal Combustion Engines 12.5 Years 9610062961, 8104883401
9 Dr. Rishikesh Goswami Assistant professor PhD, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Thermal 1.5 years 9939647553
10 Dr. Jai Singh    Assistant professor-II PhD, IIT Roorkee, Materials science and tribology - 7217207521


Diploma Diploma Engineering 10th Or 12th PCM or ITI Diploma 3 & 2 Years Lateral Entry 1000/- 10,000/- 40,000/-
B. Tech Bachelor Of Technology 12th PCM Or Diploma in Engineering 4 & 3 Years Lateral Entry 1000/- 17,500/- 70,000/-
M. Tech Master Of Technology Bachelor Degree in Engineering 2 1000/- 17,500/- 70,000/-


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