Department of Home Science

Home science is an integrated field of study that provides scientific and systematic knowledge about various aspects of family living. Home Science suggests that it is concerned with home and includes health and happiness of each and every person residing in it.Home Science course is a study about science involving food and nutrition, health, environment, human development and other departments in science field. Home science is an undergraduate, post graduate, diploma and certification course provided by selective universities and colleges in India. Home Science or the science of managing a home, includes all the things that concern our selves, our home, our family members and our resources. It aims at getting maximum satisfaction for us and our family members through the efficient and scientific use of yourresources. Home Science means the art of managing your resources efficiently and the science of achieving a healthy and happy home as well as successful career. Today, men and women share the responsibility of a home and family equally. They need an equal amount of preparation in making the best use of the resources available to make their lives comfortable. In this lesson, you will discover the scope of the science and art behind Home Science and the different professional avenues available to you after specializing in this field. Traditionally Indian society had clearly demarcated areas of work for both men and women. However, with the changing social and economic environment, managing a home requires the efforts of all the family members. Today, more and more women are working- whether they go to an office or work from home. Therefore, gender based stereotype roles do not hold relevance any longer. Today, you can learn to manage your own resources better by studying various areas of Home Science. If you face any problem, Home Science gives you the right tools to solve. In doing so, you become more organized and efficient. Home science opens up a large arena of possible job opportunities for both men and women. This knowledge helps in the improvement of not only your home and personal life but also your professional life.

AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION IN HOME SCIENCE By now you must have understood that Home Science is an important area of study. Let us now find out in detail the specific areas that you have to study in this subject. There are five major components or areas of specialization in Home Science: Food & Nutrition, Resource Management, Fabric and Apparel Science Human Development and Communication and Extension.


The home science aims at achieving and maintaining the welfare and well being of home, social and family life in an ever changing society. Home management requires skill and scientific knowledge which does not limit itself to activities within the home but also forms the basis of a challenging profession. Create and develop professional Home Scientists to meet the changing demands of Homes and Community.


The mission is to sensitize the students to understand the Socio-economic, Nutrition and Health status of women & Children in Rural areas, to motivate and equip the student towards self employment and to start enterprise, to train the students to work in the NGO's to enrich the knowledge of students for pursuing higher To develop department in specialized fields of Home Science.To impart value based quality education and create research infrastructure and facilities.

To impart quality-engineering education, enhance problem-solving skills, foster research and innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and mold students of integrity and ethics to provide leadership with social sensitivity for the betterment of the country and humanity as a whole.

  • To around development of the personalities of the members in home & family
  • To preparation for career
  • To ability to manage homes and families, at various levels of education and in various development and welfare
  • To recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and work on them to achieve their maximum potential
  • To put into practice decision making and problem solving skills to make informed choices.
  • To develop sensitivity towards the needs of family and society and cater to them.
  • To develop lifelong ability to absorb knowledge and apply it effectively to meet the challenges to ever changing life.
  • To become aware of the national issues and challenges and identify one’s own role in overcoming them.

Course Offered By the Department

S. No.










BA/BSc. Home Science


3 Years






MA /MSc.Home Science

BA/Bsc. with H.Sc

2 Years






Doctor of Philosophy


Minimum 3 Years

5000 /-



Name: Dr. Savita Sangwan (Head of Department)

Mobile No. 7982615912