Department of Mathematics

1. Brief Description of the Mathematics Department:

The Department of Mathematical Sciences was established with the objective of producing trained manpower for undertaking research and teaching in mathematics and its allied branches of basic and pure science. The Department offers graduate and master program in Mathematics. Faculty members are devoted in teaching and research in mathematical sciences and its allied branches. The major research areas include Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Reliability, Fuzzy Logic, Applied Statistics,Probabilistic Modeling, Mathematical Modeling, Finite Element Modeling, and Soft Computing. Our distinguished faculty members are given as follows.

S.No. Course Eligibility Duration Fees( Annually in Rs.)
  Boys Girls
1. B.Sc. XII Science 3 Years 12000.00 6000.00
2 M.Sc.(Mathematics) B.Sc. 2 Years 25000.00 12500.00
3 Ph.D. M.Sc. 3 Years 80000.00 80000.00

Name: Dr. Vineeta Basotia (Head of Department)

Mobile No. 9352747543