Institute of Library and Information Science

Since more and more organizations in India are embarking on new concepts in handling the data & information. With the changing times, information formats also have changed rapidly from print on paper to digital. There is an urgent need for qualified and trained Library and Information Science professionals to take the lead and guide developments in helping the end-users in the knowledge society. Shri JJT University has started the Department of Library & Information Science under the auspices of the Institute of Library & Information Science, intending to produce trained professionals in the areas of information science and management. The Department offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate programs in Library and Information Science. These programs incorporate the latest developments in the field of Library and Information Science. The programs cover a wide range of subjects such as concepts of digital library and information management, legal framework, preservation of digital objects, information file formats, standards, protocols, interoperability, use of the digital library, and many other related issues.


  • To cater to the growing need for library and information professionals in India.
  • To emphasizes on integration of research, communication, and education on a digital library management platform.
  • To give students practical training in the actual use of digital library software and management of the library.
  • To assist students to understand trends and developments within international contexts.