Civil Engineering


Drawing is the language of engineers. An engineer must be well conversant with drawings. Drawings represent reduced shape of structure and the owner will be able to see what is going to happen. It is the best possible way to prepare a concise record of the numerous architecture, and engineering works in a manner that can be readily understood and translated into reality by people whose duties commence when the designer and draughtsman have finished their work. In the CED Lab of our college Students get a feel of Extensive Survey, Building Drawing, Irrigation & Bridge Drawing and Structural Engineering Drawing. Students are also exposed to software like AUTOCAD & STAAD and they are guided by efficient faculties.


The understanding of the structure, physical and mechanical properties and behavior of engineering materials is at the very core of engineering design. A command of this knowledge is essential for all civil engineers. This laboratory provides a hands-on experience with the testing and evaluation of civil engineering materials, including soils, aggregates, and concrete, steel, wood and polymers. In addition, this lab builds on the topics of professional communication and engineering in groups that are present throughout the Civil Engineering curriculum.

HYDRAULICS LAB (Click for Image)

Hydraulics deal primarily with the occurrence and movement of water and other fluids on the surface of the earth. It has been our challenge to make water do what civilization needs. The Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory offers a variety of equipment for experimenting with and analyzing various topics in fluid mechanics and hydraulic engineering including engineering properties of fluids, hydrostatics, fluid kinematics, fluid dynamics and open channel flow. The Laboratory staff provides education and training on undergraduate and graduate level. The adapted and specialized laboratory infrastructure provides a modern environment for oriented fundamental as well as applied research work

SURVEYING LAB (Click for Image)

As the civil engineering students need extensive training in surveying, the lab is set up with all the latest instruments. The surveying lab has instruments for all sorts of field survey works including precision theodolites, leveling equipment, and conventional equipment like plane table etc. Surveying labs provide students with hands-on experience to supplement instruction in surveying courses.


Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with the engineering behavior of subsurface or earth materials. A typical geotechnical engineering laboratory helps in identifying the engineering behavior of geomaterials (soils and rocks) and by-products such as fly ash etc. There are different physical, chemical and geotechnical properties determined in the laboratory that is required for identifying the geomaterials. This information is used by geotechnical engineer for designing the type of foundations, earthworks such as dams, embankments, tunnels, reservoirs, pavement sub grades, and specialized applications like waste containment systems. Therefore, geotechnical engineering laboratory has a great role to play in rendering the subsurface a safe and stable load bearing medium.


The quality of a community is directly related to the quality of its transportation system, So our function as a transportation engineer will be to move people, goods, and materials safely and efficiently. The challenge will be to find ways to meet the increasing travel demand in both urban and rural areas. The labs are used for research and teaching in the fields of rigid and flexible pavements and testing pavements materials and structures.


Welcome to the Environmental Engineering Division. The Environmental Engineering discipline at the Department of Civil Engineering is one of the most interesting and challenging one. The laboratory is equipped with all the instruments for air quality, water quality and wastewater analysis, We train our graduate students to view nature with the eyes of an environmental engineer and to think and work independently. Our faculty thoroughly enjoy working.


Laboratory testing is the common element which all participants in the construction process utilize to provide assurance that their part of the process is correct. In this context, Concrete lab provides facilities for testing various building construction materials, mortar, and concrete in fresh and hardened state. Consultancy work for various construction firms are done extensively in the lab. It includes test for compressive strength, flexural strength, fineness and mix design of concrete etc. Thus a hands on exposure to these tests helps the students to craft themselves to be a civil engineer with better confidence and assessment skills.

CAD LABORATORY (Click for Image)

CAD Lab of the institute is established for concept design and product realization. This lab is to primarily facilitate students to evolve concepts and convert it into a complete product. The process of design, simulation and prototyping takes place in a digitally integrated environment. The CAD lab contains advanced software versions including 3D solid modelling and architectural drawings .The facility has been designed and structured to take care of professional certification programs for students, consultancy for industries and to also carry out globally outstanding research.

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