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This is the first course in the calculus-level beginning-physics lab sequence.  We will explore a number of physical principles you have seen in physics lecture courses.  We will examine the simple pendulum, acceleration due to gravity both on an inclined air track and in freefall.  We will examine the period of a spring-mass system and determine the variables that determine the period.  We will examine Newton's Second Law in both linear and angular acceleration.  We will work with inclined planes, balance beams under the influence of translational forces and torques, friction, and pulleys.

The intent here is not to learn a lot of new physics.  The purpose is to enable you to see the physical principles you have studied in lecture at work in the real world. This is an exercise in how to make various pieces of experimental apparatus work properly.  You will complete weekly lab reports based on the work you do in class.  You will also prepare two formal reports on the results of two different experiments.  

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Vision is to observe and understand. To perceive needs and apply solutions. Vision is to expand the scope of human knowledge based on a passionate, committed view of the future.

The Physics and Optical Engineering department blends Rose-Hulman's dedication to hands-on and personalized learning with top of the line labs and facilities to offer a unique learning experience.

The Optics Laboratory carries out research in the general fields of nonlinear optics and optical spectroscopy. The work extends from fundamental studies of the nonlinear response of nanostructure materials to industrial applications of optical spectroscopy.

Our research has three main directions, which are strongly interrelated and share laboratory space and equipment.

Next CET for doctoral course will be held on 20th December 2015 at University campus in Jhunjhunu(Rajasthan), Pune and Mumbai and Shriniwas Bagarka College, J.B. Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai-400059.
Students desirous of joining the course who are qualified as per the Ph.D guidelines displayed in our website may visit university with all the documents. For any clarifications, please contact over phone 09323973505 / 09320299352 / 09370512956 / 09819695239 / 08104883420 / 9769136568
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