Call for Paper

We invite original paper on the following theme & Areas for presentation at the seminar:

Theme of Seminar:
Sustainable Developmental strategies generate sustainable economic growth which facilities Innovation, Efficiency & Conservation in the use and reuse of all Natural & Human resources to increase jobs, income, productivity and competitiveness.

Area Covered:

1.   Sustainable Industrial Development.
2.   Global Corporation & Environment.
3.   Ecoprenerus : Need of 21st Century.
4.   Environment Friendly technology.
5.   Green Technology / Green Chemistry.
6.   Advances in Non-Conventional Energy.
7.   Corporate Social Responsibility.
8.   Advances in Physical Education.
9.   Latest Trends in Life Sciences.
10. Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Research
11. IT and Technology development.
12. Recent Trends in Management.
13. Recent Trends in Education.
14. Recent Trends in Linguistic Studies.