Bio Science

Microbiology Lab (Click for Image)

Instruments such as - Autoclave, Laminar Air Flow, Thermostat, Incubator, Camera, Centrifuge, Colorimeter, Electrophoresis Unit, Electronic Balance, Conductivity Meter, pH meter, Microtome, Binocular microscopes, Compound microscopes, GPS etc. are available in the Labs for the smooth conduct of both UG and PG Practical and Project work.

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Zoology Lab (Click for Image)

Zoological Specimens (Deals with Both Invertebrates and Vertebrates) Slides Concerning Different Zoological Subjects (Cell biology, Development Biology, Anatomical Studies and Different Physiological stages of Animal Tissues) Light Microscope, Compound Microscopes, Dissecting Microscopes, Bird cage, Haemocytometers,  Haemoglobinometer, Dissecting kit, , Different Types of Animal Modals (Human Skeletal System, Digestive Systems), Charts (Digestive System, Respiratory system, Nervous Systems, Reproductive System and Excrition etc.), Vermi-compost unit, Fish Aquarium,   Distillation Unit, Camera, Display Boards, OHP and Slide Projector. Other facilities are: - Computers, Broad band Internet connection and a Book Library in Lab.

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Online CET for doctoral course will be held on 23rd th August 2020
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